About us

If we were asked to describe Inside Media in three words, firstly we’d say, can we have some more words please? When told to stop being silly, we’d put our heads together and come up with ‘creative’ and ‘effective’ and ‘award-winning’ (yes that’s one word as we hyphenated it!)

We find that being 'creative' and 'effective' leads to us being 'award-winning'. We are very proud to have a brimming awards cabinet, having won a variety of gold and silver gongs over the years in the CIPR PRide Awards. Although this isn’t our raison d’etre - we love being recognised for our hard work, but our focus is the work and doing a great job for the people we work with.

We are all about our people, communication strategies cannot be devised by robots - it’s an intuitive, constantly evolving process. We are a team of highly experienced communication professionals, with in-house, agency and journalistic backgrounds. Meet the team here.

We are called ‘Inside Media’ because we are the only UK communications agency that actually operates ‘inside the media’. No, we are not spies but are part of SWNS, the largest independent news agency in the UK. This means we have direct access to journalists and have the unique benefit of being in tune with the news agenda.

We pride ourselves on offering clients campaigns which are compelling, creative, deliverable, measurable and managed precisely to achieve their communication objectives.

But don’t just take our word for it - find out what people we have worked with have to say about us here.

We are proud to work with clients such as: