// Nov 3, 2016 BY jade

Don't hire a nodding dog: The key to a successful consultancy

As a communication agency we provide services to our clients and for that the client pays the bill. It is our ambition to do an outstanding job and to achieve results that fulfills client objectives, whilst managing their expectations.

Though we want clients to be pleased, it is not simply a case of doing what they say to make them happy.

There is the option to behave like a ‘nodding dog’ – agreeing to everything your client says or willingly taking up tasks that offer little value to the organisation’s end goals – but we don’t think that’s the key to a successful consultancy.

When looking for an agency or reviewing your current one, you should consider the following three things:

  • Does the agency ever challenge you and make you question the value of activities? A good agency should ensure any communication tasks relate back to business objectives. An external resource should help a client who is immersed in the organisation’s day to day operations, which can sometimes mean it is difficult to see the bigger picture. Of course, the client’s decision is final but if you want to be challenged a decent agency will do that.
  • Is the agency proactive in finding opportunities to help achieve the agreed aims? An external communication team should not be trundling along waiting for the client to give them work to do, without any real reason, question or approach. The agency should proactively find opportunities to present to the client, and prompt the client to think about new things that will benefit them. If a client is absolutely certain about what activity needs to happen and when without any question or review, an in-house assistant might be better suited to their needs.
  • Do you trust the agency? Trust is a fundamental foundation to any relationship. Once you’ve had the opportunity to learn how the agency works and if you are happy with their approach, you should trust it to do a good job for you. If you don’t trust your supplier, it will inhibit collaboration, impact morale, affect the delivery of work and just not feel right. A good working relationship should be like a good friend - the ability to trust one another and give honest advice.

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