PR Tips // Jan 5, 2012 BY simon

Predictions for 2012, we can absolutely guarantee…

…that the number of major anniversaries and events of real significance in 2012, the continued exponential rise of bloggers and social media commentators and the breadth of topics that now find an audience means there will be more opportunities for coverage than at any point before. Ever.

That does not mean it might get any easier to be clearly heard, as proliferation and opportunity also bring noise and contradiction.

For those that want to navigate the media landscape in 2012, it will be exciting, compelling and maybe even scary at times.

So what is key to keep in mind:

1. Events and anniversaries – a staple for the media but some truly big contenders this year – Euro 2012, the Jubilee and London 2012 among them. Consider this – the Olympics will accommodate 25,000 accredited journalists and up to 40,000 unaccredited journalists and bloggers are also expected to be in the UK for the games – they will do more than report the results

2. What we mean by ‘news’ will continue to change – not just the broader subject matter now considered but the continuing erosion of the difference between news and comment – the media now cover a greater number of stories and major stories attract more coverage – both mean that relevant content and insight will have great appeal to the media

3. So ‘content is king’ not just to create or craft the original story but to support the comment and direction a major story takes once live

4. When when considering what is content, the essentials for media appeal are:

  • Make it relevant
  • Make it interesting
  • Get it to the right people in the right form (so they can use it instantly)
  • Provide it accurately, quickly and be ready to respond
  • And, for your own sake – remember why you are doing it.

You must have a clear purpose and objective in mind – if you cannot identify what you (or your client) can expect then you are providing content for free to media outlets without appropriate reward – is that what you want? can you afford to do that?

So if you want 2012 to be everything you hope for, do more than hope. Think, plan and act. If you need any help with any of that, get in touch.

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