PR Tips // Jun 10, 2011 BY simon

Summertime, ready for Christmas?

One of the great features of the media is the pace at which it changes. New stories and features change the media landscape continuously but there are some staples that never grow old.

Two or three consecutive days of sunshine and the papers will print pictures of attractive young people (mainly women) on the beach or in city parks – even better if they can report that Manchester is hotter than the Med.

Another staple is Christmas Guides – manna from heaven for gift brands, festive shopping items and food and drink for entertaining, but only if you are ahead of the game and more especially ahead of the competition.

The impact of even a small feature – with price and stockist information – in the right media can deliver a deluge of Christmas sales.

So this can make gift guides the most sought after coverage there is – prime retail space.

The vital first thing is planning. Christmas in July really is a reality for some media – wait for the end of the summer season and you could miss out.

Key for a successful Christmas campaign is:

  • Know your targets – research which media you want to reach, the right contacts and what their lead times are.
  • Get in touch – talk to them to understand what they want and when.
  • Get it together – have the details they want, when they want them (stockists, prices, sizes, colours etc.)
  • Picture and not a 1,000 words – they will normally need hi res cutouts, i.e. no background but whatever it is they ask for, you need to deliver or you will not feature (however much appeal you think you might have)
  • Give yourself a chance – consider what makes your product or service standout and why it will have appeal – if you don’t then you are wasting your time pitching.
  • Can you deliver? Do you want to offer samples, or what will you do if they ask and can you cover the cost of product and logistics.
  • Get help – if this is outside of what you do, or you are busy on other things recruit some expert help, it really will be worth it.

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