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When the picture IS the story

Being part of SWNS gives us insight into what makes a good news story…and what doesn’t.

In addition we are sometimes (wrongly) sent poor press releases from PRs who mistake us for the news desk, we also get sight of some of the poor images sent to the pictures desk.

If we didn’t know already, it reminds us that uninspiring, boring images will simply not do. Picture desks have no interest in a standard ‘grab and grin’ photo.

To be considered any image needs to stand out on the page, create an emotional response and look interesting.

Some stories simply don’t lend themselves to images. And other stories can be amplified with a strong image. You can even create a story based on an image – in this instance the picture IS the story.

Here are a few examples of campaigns we’ve worked on where the image has been the focus, driving interest and coverage to deliver the objectives of the people we are working with.

Flying (Superman style) into the World Record books

We organised the largest gathering of people dressed as Superman at the Kendal Calling festival on behalf of our client, costume suppliers, Escapade and achieved their ambition of setting a new World Record!

27 pieces of coverage were generated across national print, online and broadcast with a potential audience of 44 million. The client had considerable uplift in web traffic, new registrations and a dramatic boost in social media followers.

See the images for yourself online via The Metro - http://metro.co.uk/2013/07/28/men-women-and-children-of-steel-867-break-record-for-most-people-dressed-as-superman-3902174/

This campaign was shortlisted for a CPIR PRide Award.

Surfing Stormtroopers

To support the launch of a Film and TV Trail that highlights the importance of the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean as a major location for filming, we had to deliver a campaign that was relevant, credible and compelling to generate widespread media coverage and drive visitor numbers.

Capitalising on the release of the new Star Wars film, in which Puzzlewood – a mystical forest in the region – was a location for filming, we created an impactful visual stunt that could be filmed and photographed.

We arranged for surfers, dressed as Star Wars Stormtroopers, to surf on the Severn Bore – an iconic feature of the region.

This resulted in 214 pieces of print and online coverage across 21 countries and 17 instances of broadcast coverage, in addition to a spike in social media interactions.

Watch the Stormtroopers surf the Bore here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-34945402

This campaign was recognised at the CIPR Excellence Awards and is shortlisted for a CIPR PRide Award (to be announced in November 2016)

Digesting the UK cider industry by numbers

Our brief was to highlight the scale and importance of the UK cider industry using data we researched.

We know that the media, and its audience, aren’t interested in seeing lots of numbers in an article so we briefed design agency, Goram and Vincent, to create an infographic that would give a visual representation of the data in an easy-to-digest format.

The infographic has been used many times, including in presentations to government departments.

This campaign was shortlisted for a CIPR PRide Award.

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